Tag Changes

Chronological History of Tag Changes

As definitions are modified, new tags added, etc., the changes will be recorded here. This will give taggers a way to check quickly for changes. The more recent changes will be at the top of the page.

August 1, 2017

  • What is now includes:
    • Any loan involving water conservation, including water reclamation, rain water collection, drip irrigation, gray water recycling and the like

May 28, 2017


  • Definition broadened to include:
    • Borrower is a school-aged orphan
  • What is revised to include three parts:
    • Borrower is a school-aged orphan or an orphan who is dependent
    • Borrower is responsible for orphaned dependents
    • Orphans could include "other dependents" which could be AIDS orphans. Tagger should use their best judgement.

May 19, 2017

  • What is revised as follows (new text in italics):
    • Any loan involving the recycling, reusing, repairing, or re-purposing of products or materials that would otherwise be disposed of in the trash
  • What is not now includes:
    • Buying or reselling of used vehicles, other than electric, as these vehicles become less eco-friendly the longer they are used

October 16, 2016

  • Examples now includes:
    • website development and e-commerce

October 12, 2016

  • New tag. Please see definitions for full details

August 15, 2016

#Female Education
  • What is broadened to include:
    • In a coeducational school, 25% or more of the students should be female
  • What is not now includes:
    • A loan to a coeducational school in which the percentage of female students is not stated or is less than 25%

#Biz Durable Asset
  • What is now includes:
    • A loan for animals purchased for breeding purposes

June 10, 2016

#Repeat borrower
  • Definition broadened to:
    • Borrower has had one or more previous loans with the FP or Kiva. (The requirement for a previous loan to have been completely repaid has been removed.)
  • What is changed to:
    • The borrower has had one or more previous loans with the FP or Kiva (no requirement for having repaid any of the previous loans)
  • What is not no longer includes:
    • The borrower has had a previous loan with the FP/Kiva, but it is not yet fully repaid
May 17, 2016

  • Name changed to #Woman Owned Biz
  • Definition changed to:
    • A business that is woman-owned. For a group loan, the main borrower and the majority of members are female business owners.
May 16, 2016

 #Repair Renew Replace
  • New tag. Please see definitions for full details

  • Name changed to #Biz Durable Asset

All other name have had spaces added between words.

  • Definition broadened to include:
    • carambola (starfruit), mandarins, nanches, quince, sapodilla, mahogany, pecan, gravillea, and moringa

May 8, 2016

  • Definition changed to:
    • A business that is woman-owned. For a group loan, the featured borrower and the majority of group members are female.
  • What is not now includes:
    • A group loan with a woman as featured borrower in which the gender of the remaining borrowers is not stated

May 5, 2016

#InspiringStory, #InterestingPhoto, and #Unique

  • Removed from tag list
April 2016

  • Definition broadened to:
    • Reduces the borrower's carbon footprint or improves the environment (recycling, clean energy, etc.)
  • What is now includes:
    • Any loan that improves or prevents a harmful environmental condition
  • Examples now includes:
    • Sanitary latrine or toilet where none previously existed
  • What is not now includes:
    • Replacement latrine or toilet
  • Definition changed to:
    • Loans for purchasing durable assets for an income producing activity
  • What is changed to:
    • A loan used primarily to acquire or put into service a business asset that is durable, i.e., expected to last for multiple years
    • Includes durable assets used in any income producing activity
    • Includes loans for IPDAs being purchased with installment payments    
  • Exclusion examples no longer include:
    • Tables and chairs to replace existing tables and chairs
    • Business infrastructure such as shelves

  • What is not expanded to include:
    • A borrower who will be employing a medium- or large-sized contracting firm that will not be adding new employees to fulfill the contract
  • What is expanded to include:
    • A loan for alcoholic beverages made with vegan products being produced or sold on a small scale (e.g., banana beer, coconut wine)
  • What is not expanded to include:
    • A loan for mass produced beers and distilled liquors being purchased for resale
  • What is modified to mention franchises and catalog sales:
    • Must be a business (an activity with the purpose of generating profit), including franchises and catalog sales
  • What is not clarified:
    • A woman is taking out the loan, but the business is owned by a male family member (e.g., husband or son) or acquaintance

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